Business Software (ERP)

We provide Business Software but at the heart of any business is its people, and we understand that great people make great businesses. However as organisations grow they struggle to maintain the same level of greatness without systems and more success comes from having great systems. We have been delivering systems for business since 1986 and we see the difference over and over. When the key people in a business have a vision they want to deliver then putting that vision into a system is one of the keys to maintaining focus.

To provide Business Software that can deliver on the business vision you need to consider all of your people. To reach the entire business we provide software commonly termed ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning.

Great ERP Systems to achieve your Vision

Over the years this term has been used to cover many different aspects of software but the one common thread is a “fully integrated” system. By this we mean software that allows the interaction of divisions, departments or profit centres without manual intervention.

From time to time software comes along that does one function very well be it warehouse management, creditor invoice approval or some other area of activity. Our view is that fitting these standalone functions into a company wide system can often be more work than the benefit it derives. A well oiled ERP system outperforms a set of standalone apps even if they make one department better in their own area. Of course there are exceptions and we do find some specialised functions that are not well catered for by ERP systems. For that reason we customise ERP to help you take the fully integrated system that extra step to achieve your vision.

We have implemented many hundreds of ERP systems over the years and we are trusted to help our clients keep their vision alive in the business. As that vision expands and changes due to market conditions we help to realign the software to the business goals. Keeping the whole business going and on the same path is not easy but with great systems all you need to concentrate on is having great people. We supply the great systems!