Business Intelligence (BI)

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The best service we can provide for Business Intelligence is to show you what can be done! There is so much talk these days about how much data exists in the world, very little about how it is getting used to make a difference. We help organisations to look at their data and make a difference. One of the key components of business intelligence is the human brain and many solutions ignore that interaction. By showing you results based on a complete set of data rather than a cut down version that someone else delivers you, we know the human brain can decide what is important. Too often the decisions made in business are based on data provided for a specific purpose which ignores the insight a business leader could derive from all the data.

To help businesses make decisions we first look to see what sources of data exist in the whole business, not just the financials. Next we work hard to understand how this data relates and what are the key drivers for an organisation. Then with a little magic we create a platform that collects data from multiple sources and brings it together. To be honest the magic really begins when this platform is put in front of a business executive and for the first time they see what is happening in the business. Firstly from an overview perspective and secondly by drilling into the detail in an area that interests them, not something packaged up with someone else’s view. We call that data visualisation one of the best ways to analyse your data and deliver on the promise of business intelligence.

Of course we deliver data analysis, reporting, dashboards, self service, graphs, heat maps, scatter charts, visual exploration, collaboration, treemaps and much more. Helping organisations unlock the treasure in their data is a service from which we get great enjoyment. Mixing people and data to achieve results is both effective and rewarding.