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Innovation in Visual Analytics


Qlik is a platform for unleashing your data whether it is analysis, reporting, visual discovery or even a simple data warehouse. It deals with multi-billion databases and simple spreadsheets of data to give you insights that otherwise lie dormant. It can deliver enterprise analysis and reporting or be used as a prototyping tool for a single division.

Wherever or however it is used Qlik makes a difference to business. The associative methodology provides a unique way of harnessing the power of computers and leaving the control in the hands of business users. With a Qlik platform you can deliver results quickly and uncover the hidden information you know is there. At the same time you will discover new insights you didn’t expect to find.

See the Qlik Associative Model

Qlik Platform

Qlik Sense Visual Analytics

See the latest product in the Qlik platform that is changing the way data is viewed, Qlik Sense. Designed to leverage the power of earlier development but delivering gorgeous views with powerful insight.

QlikView Visual Discovery Platform

Now in its 11th version, take a look at the flagship of the Qlik platform that has revolutionised Business Intelligence. Designed to guide developers and business analysts to create insightful data visualisations. Solving business problems and delivering powerful analysis and reporting.