Fast-moving industry of wholesale

Fast-moving industry of wholesale

Facing New Challenges
In the fast-moving industry of importing, wholesale and distribution, companies are facing an Warehouseincreasingly challenging operational environment. Technological advances have intensified global competition and unleashed a rise in online ordering – and this in turn has heightened client expectations for wider choice, rapid fulfillment and ever lower prices.Things Are Getting Complicated

In an effort to meet these expectations, many businesses operating in this space have increased outsourcing, introduced multiple product lines and expanded their reliance on international suppliers. But these steps present new challenges around inventory, warehousing, distribution and logistics – bringing added complexity to an already complicated supply chain.

And as complexity rise, so to does the risk of something going wrong. That risk is even greater for the many wholesale and distribution companies already hampered by out-dated and disconnected processes, inefficient inventory management and no way of effectively collating, accessing or benefiting from the vast amounts of data they now receive every day.

The Danger Of Doing Nothing

So what’s the solution? At Endeavour, we know that when you’re caught up in the day-to-day bustle of filling orders, managing stock and trying to balance rising client demands while maintaining profitability – it can be tempting to just carry on and hope for the best. We also understand that fears around downtime, disruption, training and cost can be prohibitive enough to stop you from upgrading or seeking out new business systems. But doing nothing can be the biggest risk of all, particularly when your competitors may already be streaking ahead. And there is a way forward with a technology that is cost-effective, minimises disruption and has clear benefits and outcomes for your business, your clients and your people: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

An Enterprising Way Forward

With the right ERP technology in place, wholesale and distribution organisations can rapidly enjoy the benefits of fully integrated operations, high data visibility, accurate inventory management and faster movement oferp products. At Endeavour, we can help you find an ERP solution to match your specific business needs and help you to successfully face an increasingly challenging business environment. We work hard to select business solutions that are a cinch to implement, intuitive to learn, and easy to integrate into your existing systems and processes – whatever the size of your organisation. And when it comes to ERP, we really know our stuff!


We’ve seen time and time again how rapidly and effectively leading ERP solutions can improve day-to-day operations and empower faster, more accurate decision-making. With ERP, your people will have access to the tools and information they need to work faster and more efficiently; delivery times and costs will be cut and your clients will enjoy a much better experience. From more accurate forecasting, planning and tracking, to real-time order processing and multi-warehouse distribution and management – the right ERP software will help you to exceed expectations, maintain optimal levels of inventory and ultimately drive sales and revenue across your business.

So, if the present is posing a challenge for your company and the future is looking anything less than rosy, don’t just struggle on. Come and talk to the team here at Endeavour and together we’ll explore how ERP technology might be the solution you’ve been waiting for.

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