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Business Software (ERP)

We provide business and accounting systems for a range of industries, generally mid-sized businesses. From manufacturing and warehousing to sales, job and project management to payroll and human resource, service scheduling and timesheets to billing and all with fully integrated accounting. If you need to replace your business systems we are ready to understand your needs.

Business Intelligence (BI)

We understand the frustration of having great systems but not getting the information to make good business decisions. From data visualisation to pivot tables and reporting we can make your data work for you, generally mid to large sized organisations. We give you results in days not weeks or months, you don’t need to build a data warehouse to make good use of your data. Let’s talk about your data and get it working for you.

Sales Forecasting (IBP)

We work with large organisations looking for a better way to manage their Sales and Demand forecasting. When you have many people working on the manufacturing or purchasing plans and rely on sales input as well as historic information to drive these decisions, we can help. Introducing the Vanguard Integrated Business Planning platform to bring all these people together.  IBP, S&OP, we have it covered.

Our Software Solutions


Greentree is the complete ERP software with 13 product suites, 84 modules and built on a single platform. Ready to tackle any business problem you throw at it. It grows with you and lets you work your way, from anywhere you want to work. Let us show you how it might transform your business to achieve the results you long for.
Visit the Greentree website >

Qlik Business Intelligence Software

When you need answers you need a platform to leverage all your data and bring you results. Qlik is the highest ranking visual analytics vendor and addresses business users’ needs from reporting and dashboarding to analysis and application creation. Let us show you how to make use of your data and really see what is going on under the hood. Visit the Qlik website >

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